• Over 1.3 million American children are born each year into families with negligible savings to invest in their future  (CFED)
  • Over 40% of children at the age of graduation do not have a savings account (University of Kansas)
  • College savings accounts have gained popularity but still only accounts for 3% of American families (Government Accountability Office)


Our family has a history of saving for children.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles typically purchased the traditional savings bonds for children in the family.  It has become difficult in recent years to purchase savings bonds.  We know that many children do not have any form of savings.  Family members would like to help; they just don’t know where to begin.  Even the most educated people find it difficult to help a child build a savings fund.


SaveVia is a socially responsible company, dedicated to helping families save for children’s future.   The company was created to simplify savings for children in the US so that the average American family can save for their children.

IMG_1577 We encourage friends and family to contribute to a child’s savings. We promote responsible giving.  With SaveVia, parents and guardians have the tools and opportunity to give their children a brighter future.  Friends and family have access to change a child’s life.






Our Pre-Series A Funding…given to us by our Advisor daughter.